Today was the beginning of the culmination of 2.5 years of work. Today mark it down people is beginning that parents can demand MORE for their children. MYX has created an educational system that reflects the future of work and the reality that real learning doesn’t happen in the classroom, but out there in the world!

I can’t even begin to express how honored I am to be part of this team at MYX. This is a letter I wrote to the MYX family (investors and employees), but you, Nightwing, had a lot to do with this too.

So congrats to you as well!

Dear MYX family,

At MYX we help students conquer many “firsts” like leaving their home and forging their own path. The amount of “firsts” for our students will be numerous as they find their voice and start building towards a future of adulthood with the support of coaches, learning leaders and mentors.

The MYX team is also having a lot of “firsts” over the next 20 days.  We have a lot to celebrate!

Today we opened our FIRST campus, MYX Miami. Our faculty have moved in and we begin a week of professional development as we build our MYX house culture and prepare for our students’ arrival at the end of August.

Here is the team!

Eduardo (House Dean), Abby (CEO), Becca (Head of Risk Management), Jules (Chief Academic Officer), Rachel (House community manager), Kate (House Dean), and Adam (Head of Experience)

We also hosted our FIRST MYXer  with friends and family of our students via zoom. Future MYXers will happen weekly live on site where students and faculty eat dinner as a family, reflect on the week of learning, and feature outside speakers and networking opportunities. 

There are also a lot of firsts happening with our students! 

Each of our students have received a box in the mail with their MYX journal (a critical tool in our life coaching and impact work), luggage tags, and MYX stickers to decorate their laptops. 

In addition, while our students are not physically on site the FIRST Life Hack (Travel Hack) has launched through our community platform, the QUAD. The QUAD will eventually connect all of the global MYX houses allowing students access to a  robust and growing network. We have been so pleased to see students begin to connect through the QUAD as they partake in fun surveys and direct messages to their roommates.

Please take a moment and celebrate with us. 

It’s happening!


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