PTSD therapy

New therapy to combat PTSD that is helping me, this one I invented by accident.  But warning cancer moms and dads and any trauma survivor, this is not doctor approved. New therapy: Helping others with your exact trauma. Oddly, talking to recently diagnosed parents going through diagnosis (which is the worst part) is helping me […]

EMDR Update

2 steps forward, 1 leap back. That is how the PTSD experience has felt so far. I had about 4 consecutive good days. I was ready to declare victory. Drugs win! I don’t need therapy, just a good dose of drugs. Or so I wished… but the crippling body feeling came back a few days […]

The Ride

Yesterday we rode. We rode with the wind at our backs and adventured. No plans just the road. “Advenutring” as I call it, has always been my favorite drug of choice.  I discovered this drug at 19 years old when on Semester At Sea. Always an overthinker. I would be worried about the next test […]

40 years it is

I’m just not organized enough for this lie. I keep forgetting myself. This mulligan idea is more complicated than I realized. I don’t know my own age. On forms….do I lie? Do I have a “real age” and a “fake age?” A “medical age” and a “social age?” I can hardly remember my age as […]