Shedding flair

We are losing some flair today.  Today is a milestone. Today we lose some flair. Shedding flair is something we all should do sometime. Out with the old and in with the new.  Jacob is getting his port out his ultimate cancer flair, his port. No longer will Jacob have an internal device inside his […]


It must be a joke, but no joke here. Only a mountain.  Up. Up. Up. Hill that is. Its one big fucking mountain. You climb a peak and your like, “Yep. I did it. Only downhill from here and I can see it  all! All of it. I see each turn. I see each canyon. […]

Dear Ruth

Found in drafts! Forgot to press publish. Dear Ruth, Thank you for your years of service.  True service.  A service that touched every woman not just in this country but around the world. Your death is a heavy loss.  You were our advocate. We knew that you had our backs. We knew that in a […]