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As a way to thank you Nightwing, I have put aside 30 seats for Nightwing kids out of the 158 students we will accept this December.

This will be the ONLY time I can pull this off. Only this first semester.

But for the pilot I’ve gotten the green light and you, Nightwing, deserve it.

You did this!

Nightwing taught me a BIG lesson. Life comes down to people. Life comes down to community. For most of my career I’ve been obsessed with academics, but no longer. I see that life is bigger. There is no math equation that will help you solve the problems of real life, but there are tools that can make you better equipped.

So Nightwingers…Sol House launches to the public November 5th. With 19+ million online learners bored out of their minds at home or living off campus doing nothing but alcohol and drugs, we will be in demand so I am doing a pre-launch registration for Nightwing friends and family ONLY.

A bit about Miami below…

OUR PROPERTY is located on a resort right in the heart of Miami that is being converted into the coolest campus bubble you can imagine – with Covid testing protocols and facilities to keep you safe. Rather than taking your classes locked inside, why not take them by our palm tree-lined pool? The campus is filled with green space and activities to feed your mind, body and soul; think yoga in the morning, study during day either by the pool or at one of the many coworking labs, and drinks at our on-site bar in the evening. As a startup we have redesigned your traditional housing from the ground up: high speed internet connections, wireless sound systems, and artist-designed installations to encourage creativity (and, sometimes, just to look great on the ‘gram).

Sol House Miami property map below. Right on the Miami River! Minutes away from Winwood, South Beach, Downtown Miami, and Little Havana.

So reader, you know a college aged student or parent of one who is NEEDING support this Spring (especially with Covid, which we will be testing on site!), please send them the following info. Send to your best friend or family member.

Directions: Go to website and put in password below. It will prompt visitor to put in information. This site was just designed for you all. Someone from my team (or even me!) will reach out and invite them to a Nightwing community members zoom call where we walk through Miami Spring semester. Parents and kids can all be on same call. I have even done one for a Nightwinger’s entire sorority house. I’m okay with that, but know that we will only take at most 6 kids from one University.

password: goldenticket

Please see this as a token of my appreciation to you. If I can help one SOL in your life, I will sleep better. I will spend my entire life paying forward all that you gave me…hope.

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  1. This is amazing! You are amazing! So far I don’t know anyone and my sisters son is still a senior in HS but I’m thinking bc it’s sounds so perfect!! Xx

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


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