Student of Life

Life is teaching you. Me. Us.

And I’ve had quite the two years of lessons.

I record them here.

There are no such things as coincidences. Nope. None. That can be hard to understand especially when those coincidences are negative like two rare cancers hitting a family in less than 6 months. But take this lesson seriously. When you have that moment “wow! That was weird” know that there was nothing weird about it. That was supposed to happen, but it is your choice to listen. Listen.

Everything should be expected. “To be expected” was a phrase that used to bring me to my knees. It was a favorite utterance at the hospital. To be expected is a just a catch all term to describe the truth of reality, that no one really knows. No one knows. Not your teacher. Not your mother. Not your doctor. No one really knows. And understanding that, is your first step to listening to who does.

Which leads me to the ultimate lesson one that was the hardest for me to understand as if there is one thing I am, its an excellent teacher. Proud of my knowledge of the brain, motivation, and mastery. Heck I am an educator. If anything I know, it is how to educate, but there is only one true educator, LIFE.

And its lessons will be right there when you need them. You may think they are TOO much. You may think they are TOO inconvenient, but that is not true. It is life saying STOP. Listen to this moment. Forget the rest.

And I’m going to spend the rest of my life helping others understand these lessons. That life is a ride and there is no course that will get you through it, but there are tools and most importantly, there is community.

There are Nightwings in every corner of this earth.

Welcome to the student of life movement.

Welcome to us finally putting as much effort into the human as to the studies.

And here is the REAL FACT that the value of education is not the credits, but the people, the network, and the opportunity to do. The opportunity to make/ explore, not study. 

This past year I’ve been living the creed.

I am a SOL, Student of Life. 

And now I help others find it too.

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