Therapy Dropout

To the theme of beauty school dropout.

Therapy dropout,

(Therapy  dropout)

Got no time for that talk.

Therapy dropout

(Therapy dropout)

Can we do this while I walk?!

While I know this is good to do

Who has that time?

I just want to pop a pill

And go back to my child’s side.

I can just ignore it

(Just ignore it)

Everything is okay

I can just forget it,

(Forget it)

Keep moving and life’s a breeze…

Now I know that there is stuff to say,

A lot to process too,

But can someone tell me how,

With no kids in camp or school!

Therapy drop out.


I wish I could say it was the first time I’ve dropped out and from the stats know I am not alone on this. Are you part of the therapy drop out club too?!

Not proud of it, but the reality of work and life makes no time for EMDR. I do hope to return in September. Sorry to all who have asked for more info…not much to give, I keep canceling it!

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