November Rain

This post was inspired by someone asking me if I felt safe living in NYC as we are here this week. I actually feel VERY safe in NYC. Everyone here takes safety seriously. Masks are everywhere and New York is strong.

But, no I don’t want to live in the city next year. Not because of the virus.

I’m not returning because of the high chance of rain.


The forecast looks stormy. It is a slow brew maybe not worth our attention as it seems so far away in this new “now,” but I’m calling it, November rain.

You can already see the drops forming. 

You can hear it even in the air. You can hear the thunder. Just listen. You won’t see the lightning behind it until November, but this will be a storm that will hit the entire nation. All 50 states will see rain. The streets will flood. Flood with people that is.  A nation will take to the streets.

Still dealing with a health pandemic, we will become even more unstable as as the lightning being thrown down is coming right from the top.

No, not the sky.

That light comes from the Oval Office.

Trump is already setting the stage to discredit an election that has not even happened. He sees the economy. He sees his approval rating on the virus. He understands the polls, and he has made it clear that he is going no where.

Already being bold enough to say something that no other democtratic candidate in our country has ever said.

Mr. Trump will you accept election results? “We shall see.”

We shall see?! 

Shivers, because we have enough information to “see” and the forecast is calling for rain. The droplets have already started falling. Us city folk blindly turn an eye thinking that it must be from the air conditioning units above our heads as we can’t imagine that we could feel a storm months away, but no the storm has started. It is here now.

We even got hit by hail yesterday. Trump said we should delay the election. Again manipulating facts to suit his agenda. While everything is “great” and “schools can safely reopen” he is now shouting danger when it comes to the election. All of a sudden the president is worried about our safety.

And the attack on mail in ballots, which the data shows is not real, is ramping up.

Lightening bolts are there, they just haven’t reached the ground…yet.

 “It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” Trump tweeted. “Mail-In Ballots will lead to MASSIVE electoral fraud and a RIGGED 2020 Election.” 

So we are in for November rain.

Instead of a country built on democratic principles we will fall even farther in not just the world’s image but our own.  And people from both sides will take to the streets. This time Trump’s base will begin to riot as they have a narrative of being cheated. Sides colliding in the streets. BOOM. BANG. THUNDER.

I fear the November rain.

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