Jacob finds his voice

Yesterday was one of those days. When every possible unknown is laid with a dark cloud of negativity. Instead of “Oh What the possibilities it will be?” It is “too many unknowns!” PANIC. PANIC.

I’m so freaking stressed like all of you. Beyond the whole cancer mom thing, I have work and two kids at home who have finished school with no camp to go to. And “knowns” like my kids will go to school next year and we will live in NYC in our apartment are gone.

Am I allowed to take TWO years as a mulligan?

And when you believe that everything happens for a reason, all you do is look for reasons.

The glass was feeling half-empty for sure. 

Until Jacob found his voice. Literally! He can hear his voice (thank you hearing aids) and has taken up songwriting. He has three great hits, but this one I felt we all could need.

So for those who need a hug from a friend, I share it with you. Jacob will always be there for you as you have for him.

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