Radiation, phew!

Feeling very prepared. 

Thank you, Burning Man, for all of the high-quality filtration masks we own. Being married to a crazy man doesn’t hurt either. Here I am (decked by Steve) going into the proton center for Jacob’s therapy!

Today was not as scary as I thought it was. Phew. I was so nervous.  The whole idea of Jacob getting lazers of energy with the intention to “kill” pointed at him and then add the anxiety of this virus…it was a lot to fear.

Thank you for all the well wishes and a BIG thank you to the team at the New York Proton Center. Their professionalism and care are exceptional. They are truly on the frontline! Thank you for all that you do.

We are now hunkered on the UEAS (the Upper East Abandoned Side) at my parents apt. We have 4 hours between treatment. We will then drive back to the Hamptons and repeat this for the next 7 days.

Jacob is a great did great! He played “statue” just like we have practiced. He was as still as stone! And Benno is navigating all of distant learning by himself. I am a proud mama today. 

One radiation session down, 13 more to go!

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  1. Proudest mama and bravest Jacob and family!! Heroes all! With you in spirit every step of the way and keeping you in our prayers❤️

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