We all got a case of the MONDAYS. 

The issue is… every day is a MONDAY. Saturday? Yeah right. Sunday? Please. It’s only MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. Followed, of course, MONDAY.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. 

Yesterday I went running (yes I am still doing that!) and I ran past a family on my path and the parents shot me a look of death as I passed them. The father even crouched over his children protecting them from me. One child was too scared to look up. The other waved back to me only to have his hand shoved down. I wanted to shout. “I’m don’t have it!” (But I don’t know that).  I just have never had someone pull their child from me. This was like a kick in the stomach. 

I stopped running and cried right then and there. 

I can’t stop thinking of that child who waved. The natural inclination of a child. We are social. And now we are being taught to isolate. To not trust the simplest wave of another person. 

 I’m not sure what the right answer here. I’m not judging. I saw a scared young father trying to protect his children. He didn’t mean me harm. He didn’t mean to make me cry.

And so I was up all night. I woke up MORE dedicated to help our children and YOU.  I worry that the schools are not looking at this the right way. So fuck them. I’m going to do what I know you need right now. Or at least I think you need…please give feedback! 

So today I made you a gift  (in 3 hours). Actually, it’s not for you (well…sorta), it is for your child and you can participate too.  This one is written for ages 2-6 years. I can do other ages too. I would love feedback. This is not to REPLACE your distant learning. This video serves a different purpose, engaging your child in a fun activity and making them feel GOOD and HEARD.

I made the lessons LONG. You can stretch out the activity over a whole day or week. It is meant to be flexible to your life. You will see the natural places to pause (they actually have a pause sign!)

The first lesson of “FUN WITH ABBY!” is a project where your children can make a SPA (you’re welcome!). It has the following components that I feel every school should be thinking about.

  1. EMPATHY!!!! Talking about feelings (there will be MORE of that in future episodes…want to start off light). We need to check in with our children.
  2. FUNNY!
  3. LEARNING and not just reading, math, etc, but about the problem today. In this episode, we learn what an “essential business” is. Since its still “Spring Break” (or at least that is what the schools are saying- ugh!, I kept this one very light)
  4. VOCABULARY. This episode teaches “pro” and “con”
  5. METACOGNITION! How to learn and think through problems. 

I really want your advice Nightwing. I’m trying to decide if this is what I should be doing. Is this the job? How can I make the most impact to help YOU as you have helped me.

THIS IS THE FIRST ATTEMPT & I AM DOING THIS ALL BY MYSELF. But if you like these I will put more effort into them and make them BETTER!!!

With love and gratitude. We are in this together!


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  1. This is so fun! M&J were so captivated with your video and they’re planning to do this tomorrow! Will send updates! Xoxo

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