Scan 1 results

The room of waiting. 

Turns out that room is portable. The room can be anywhere, even your cozy bed can become this room of torture. 

We have been waiting at home and we finally got the report from the cat scan.

It remains unchanged. The mass is still there. Same size. No change.

Steve informs me that this is encouraging. It hasn’t grown. Cancer likes to grow. There are no new tumors. 

There is still a chance that he can be NED, even with this mass not changing. That mass can be dead. It can be scar tissue. We won’t know that until the scans (ahhh) tomorrow. So the room of waiting will be going into the night.

Super Tuesday has a whole new meaning.

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  1. We are praying that the mass is dead or scar tissue or something OTHER than cancer.

    Sending you lots of strength and a whole lot of love!

    Jennifer James 1-917-754-1111


  2. Oy…. OK, well I like where Steve is coming from. But I can understand your point of view. Ok, so tomorrow. More waiting… Please keep me posted, I will be waiting.

    But today, we said our prayers today for Jacob and for Steve. We all love you guys so much – that room was filled with hope and sisterhood. Would you ever feel like talking…or walking? if so, I am yours whenever you want me. I just wanted to say hello. Had a lovely talk with your mom. And I even showed her the WuHan foot tap in place of a handshake! LOL


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