A room with a view

What is your view?

This is my view.

As I sit with my books and thoughts, this is my view and it makes me laugh. This is really the perfect view. It sums up life perfectly.

Moving from left to right you will find:

  • Tall black boxes and small white ones: Gas masks. You may have heard about the world’s shortage of face masks, I at least can answer this WHY, Steve Brody. We have them all. No need to look further.  He’s stockpiling.
  • Behind them (you can’t see) is the needle disposing box. Yes, those big red boxes that scream scary.  We have a whole lot of needles up in this place.
  • Sandwiched between the gas masks and 4 different sanitation wipes, you have a stool sample that we bring with us to the doctor. Nothing says home like a bunch of shit in a jar in your living room.
  • Behind the sanitation wipes, you will see Mike 2020 leaning against our Shabbat 🙏⭐️. Appropriately placed…praying on this one.
  • Then a whole lot of Benno from the meditation whole thing that Jacob squashed fast. But we have kept his meditation tools ready at all times. 
  • The large white tube holds every New Year’s stairs pictures. A reminder of light and love that we hope to one day frame.
  • Benno’s school picture
  • A small Tupperware of holy water that a Nightwing friend gave to Jacob.
  • My mother in law’s backpack who has been there every step of the way living with us most nights. 
  • On the small table you will find papers from Jacob’s homeschooling including my new mini printer (Sproket), which I highly recommend. I use this mini printer to scrapbook with Jacob which is a great way to bring literacy into the home. 
  • And then the clothes all over the couch. That’s on me. All mine. I’m not the neatest.

And this is the view of my hunker. 

It pretty much represents my days. 

Full of hope and lots of shit!

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  1. “Nothing says home like a bunch of shit in a jar in your living room.”
    Laughed VERY loud in my office at that one.
    love and flicks,

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