Dear Alexander Yang (letter 3),

To my surprise, I have written you the most. Yes, you. Of all the people, you:)

We share a love of MATH and also an intense desire to help the world walk into the 21st-century upright. You understand the future of uncertainty. You understand that we are in a new global digital economy. You understand that change is upon us if we like it or not. We can’t go back. There is no “again.”

However, being the mathematician you are, you backed out of the presidential race. You saw the math. You make informed decisions!

At some point, you will endorse someone and your opinion matters. Hey, it matters to me. While I don’t know you, I know your policies and I can ONLY see Bloomberg as a choice for you. He understands maths. He respects data. Hey, he created it! He doesn’t fight change but prepares for it. He has the ability to beat Trump too.

So Yang, can I would like to hear some words BLOOM out of your mouth.

I hope you can steer your followers to the only candidate that understands today and prepares for tomorrow, Michael Bloomberg.

Congratulations for making it so far. You are truly an inspiration!


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