Runner’s High

One thing is evident, you runners have never been high.

It is clear that you have yet to experience “high” as you speak about this runner’s high, but trust me there are better highs and ones that come with snacks, lots of them!

Come over, I’ll show you. Then you will see that your word of choice is quite poor and I feel legitimate false advertising. As I run I think…can I sue you over this?!

But that said…I’m doing it. I have run/walk 4 miles twice now and my average pace is 10:30. In just one month! Turns out when you declare to 20,000 people that you are running a marathon…you actually have to run a marathon. So running am I. Only 22.2 miles to go, oy!

If only I was younger. As in the words of Taylor Swift, Only the Young…Can Run.

If there is anything us adults can do in this upcoming election is count on the young. We often discount their power and voice. One thing I’ve learned is the power of the youth and I’m feeling pretty good about our newest generation of voters. Some of them have been my students. This election I will have 4 classes of past students at voting age. (see I’m old).

And I’m cheering them on! I can’t wait to watch them run. I can’t wait for them to show what they stand for. 

But like every race, there are rules. 

You need shoes.

I learned that the hard way. Turns out all sneakers are not equal in your running. That you need “running shoes.”

So I post this link as sadly registering to vote is not as easy as going to Foot Locker. 

You see young…they know you can run. They know you can do it better than us. You have a real advantage so they try to cheat you out of your rights. So go HERE and see how you can register. 

And run and run and run. Run to that booth.

This run you can even do high. Like REAL high. You register and I’ll bring the snacks!

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