2019 in review

Now AI is only as intuitive as the data you give it so this look back is a bit biased, but it did make me pause. 

Maybe 2019 is something not to forget. 

That in all the bad there was some real good.

My photo app popped this winner up. I know we all fear the invasive nature of AI, but these curated memories make me just forget it all. I truly love a good montage. What’s better than happy memories to music?! Nothing.

There were no pictures taken from July through October, so this story is cherry-picked, but it reminds me that darkness is only defined by light. One can’t exist without the other. There can be no dark without its equal and opposite reaction. And the light moments look so much lighter in really dark ones. So these just SHINE.

So 2019, I will remember this.  It is completely unedited, all AI.

Thank you for the light within the darkness. 

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