A year of promise

Two nights ago the entire world took a look back at a year and then stepped forward into a new beginning.

How can you not love that? How can you not love the idea that every human in the world counted down to go forward and welcomed something new, another change, another chance at being a better you/ world?

Here are some good humans

Note that MANY kids are missing.
There’s a few more. I believe there were 38 in total!

You can’t not love that.

It is too promising. 

And that is what I felt last night, promise. A promise of a better future. Not because I can control the future. Nope. Can’t do that. Not because this year has to be better (I mean the bar is SO low), but nope. I know better than that. Exactly a year ago we all clinked glasses with the promise that after Steve’s cancer, hospital life was behind us. So no. It’s not a promise that everything will be perfect. No one can promise that. 

The promise is that no matter what 2020 throws, we have each other. We have this moment. We have our family and friends that will be there no matter what. And I know that whatever the year may bring anyone, we will go through it together. 

That feels pretty promising.

And Steve was home. we rang in the year together. Really together. As you can see in the video, I was very excited to ring in the New Year. It wasn’t a countdown to me, it was a count FORWARD. It was pretty emotional.

We even stole away for a few minutes and laughed. How we recognized that not everyone could do what we are doing and that is pretty special. That we are pretty special. Special together!

And of course, we danced. In 2020 we will never STOP BELIEVING!

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