Updated Results

Here is what we know.

Bone Cancer has had a DRAMATIC change! When we were diagnosed, Jacob had a curie score of 24 (highest it can be is 27 so he fell into the highest risk category). After the multiple heavy doses of chemo, that score in October only fell to 19 and was labeled as “refractory” cancer, which put Jacob in an even higher risk category.

Hence, my downward spiral.

 BUT now he is at a score of TWO! And one of those two is the small residual mass so it really is a score of ONE, maybe ZERO as the second spot is really close to the mass so they are unclear if they both are coming from the mass. But all of the bone cancer in the skull, hands, legs, arms, etc looks CLEAR!

Now onto the mass…We have a small residual mass that still is cancerous from the original tumor in the spinal cord. It is in a dangerous spot so the doctors have been hoping to avoid additional surgery. It is still there but it did reduce by 31%. The team at Sloan will meet and discuss the next steps which could include any of the following:

  • Another 2 rounds of HITTS (this is chemo and immunotherapy)
  • Surgery
  • Radiation

I am pretty sure they are going to recommend HITTS and radiation. We are prepared to start that in the New Year. While I’m not thrilled with more chemo, we will, of course, follow recommendations.

Bone marrow is not back yet. This is another measure of cancer found in the bone. We did have good results in October so we are feeling optimistic about that too. We should have that next week.

Overall we are thrilled. Too exhausted to really show it, but thrilled. It is a Hanukkah miracle!

Only one thing to do. SLEEP!

Thank you all for your support!

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