Preliminary Results

No official results. 

I repeat NO official results. 

So no mazol tovs. No congrats. No getting ahead of ourselves, but from what we do know…is good, really good. We have seen the MIGB scan. This is the scan that shows the cancer in the bone. This is the scan we were most concerned about. This is the scan that showed us that we had chemoresistant bone cancer.


It was a glowing WHITE light. 

It looked clear. In this scan, you pray for white, black dots mark cancer. Now we don’t know for sure that it is clear as a radiologist has not read it, but from the naked eye, there was nothing to see. This would be a true Hanukkah miracle. But before we start doing the hora we need to wait for the final report. 

BUT regardless….it is MUCH better. Even if there is a bit left, we can anticipate his score to be MUCH MUCH lower.

No news on the CT scan which will let us know about the residual mass from his tumor so lots of roads still there. No path has been determined of next steps as we need both the MIGB AND CT scan to make those calls.

We also had a bone marrow sample today. Won’t have those results for days, but they most likely will mirror the MIGB:)

And then we came home and opened a package and it poured out LOVE. About 100 letters to Jacob from children who have never met him. LOOK. And this just feels confirming. The world is going to be okay because it is full of amazing children!

And those children include Jacob.

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  1. Abby – just burst into tears. All the Bohm’s are sending love and good thoughts and flicking. Love you. Love Jacob. Xx ________________________________

  2. Awww this is beautiful. Look at all of those cards. Sending prayers and hope for Hanukkah miracles. Love you. I’m sorry I missed yesterday but have been waiting to hear about today. White lights are certainly in the Hanukkah spirit!

    I want to come and see you and Jacob in Jan. Let’s go for one of your walks in the cold and get some cocoa. Xox

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


  3. Don’t stop believing! So many positive vibes, so much positive energy and MANY prayers sent your way.

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