Redemption Song

Songs feel louder. I guess when life is muted, having sound pumped directly into your ears feels amplified. And certain songs keep playing over and over. Songs with messages. 

A message of redemption is on repeat.

Redemption is always a possibility. This gives me hope.

I know this to be fact. It happened to me recently and boy does redemption feel good. I was redeemed, given a chance to right wrongs.

A life for a death. 

One of the chicks died.  It was Sausage. 

The favorite of Jacob’s and pretty much everyone. Sausage would just sit on your hand. He would not try a grand escape but just surrendered to your hugs and kisses.  Maybe that was the first sign. A little too docile? He was also the smallest too. The runt. Maybe he was never going to make it, but the guilt has been terrible. Did I kill this chick?

I know what you are thinking.  “Hey Ab, maybe the chicks weren’t fully thought through.”

 I do see your point.

 I can see your eyes roll. I know. I know. Is it really the time to have farm animals? No. And what about your dog? Yes, Skipper does attempt to kill them daily. It does make life a bit more hectic, but NO REGRETS here. 

I’ve never regretted the spontaneous decisions in my life. My best memories are all spontaneous like the memory of sailing away after Steve’s cancer with no itinerary. Just sailing north and stopping at anything that caught our eye. No agenda just being. Or when I asked Steve to marry me while working out on a treadmill. Just came to me. I saw our wedding in my mind. A surprise wedding! So why wait? I told him right then and there while still walking on the treadmill.

And the chicks are no different. I woke up one morning and bought an incubator. I didn’t think twice about it. Not one second. I knew I would figure it out when they finally hatched. When Steve asked where they would live. I would pretend with confidence that I had figured the whole thing out, but I hadn’t. I had no idea. I still have little idea, except that they can count on me.

But then one died and I had such guilt. Ugh Abby. Look what you did now.  My spontaneous decisions birthed and then killed Sausage, but like with everything in life, there is always a chance of redemption.

And I got it.

I walked in and saw that Nugget was quiet. I almost didn’t notice it, but there it was, a blonde strand sticking out of its beak. That blonde strand looked familiar…and then I saw she swallowed half of a strand of hair and the rest was tangled around her wing and she was chocking. 

And like a mama hen, I sprung into action. I opened that beak up, stuck my fingers down her throat and pulled that hair out. Then I cut the rest out from the wing. And Nugget looked at me and we had a moment. I swear since this incident I’ve gotten some street cred with the entire group. When I put Nugget down they all ran over to her and started pecking at her beak. They were so excited and since then, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

 I  have their respect as I am now of the highest order. I am a healer.  I didn’t have this power before even though I am their sun. 

Literally, I am the sun.

 I come in and turn the heat lamp on and off. I make day and night, but not until I “healed” did I become recognized by the chicks. And isn’t that the truth. We don’t really recognize our world until it almost is taken. We don’t appreciate things until they are gone. We don’t question the sun until we worry we won’t wake up to see it again. 

Turns out chicks and humans are pretty similar.

And yesterday Marley’s Redemption Song came on three times. 

These songs of freedom.

Redemption Song. 

Redemption Song.

Turns out redemption can be pretty freeing. Healing is the ultimate super power. Want to feel high? HEAL. HELP.

So higher power, let’s start talking about redemption. Don’t you deserve to be in the highest light, healer? Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about redeeming these children. Don’t they deserve songs of freedom?

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