Rethinking running…maybe you aren’t idiots

A good learner is always willing to admit mistakes. Even willing to declare them to show others that they have overstepped, maybe dare to say they were stupidly wrong. Well…I’m not that evolved, but I am saying I’m rethinking my stance on running. Not so positive that you are all idiots.

Okay, okay, maybe there is something to this whole thing.

Evidence here:

That looks pretty awesome.


Because you can.


Because it feels so good


Because it also is good.

Maybe this running thing isn’t such a bad thing.

Especially when it feels good, is good, and DOES good. Sounds like a WIN WIN WIN to me.

The Ronald McDonald House is an incredible showcase of what humanity is. How we come together when things are just wrong and stand by each other to make it better. People should not only support it, but know of its existence. Know how it recognize the children who live in the shadows of life. I know the families it serves and it is an incredible gift.

So run for FUN. Run for the Ronald McDonald House.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I stated right now that I’m going to run the NYC Marathon for cancer? That I will run because I can. Run for those who can’t.

Yes that would be cool. Really cool..


Just never going to happen. I’m a realist. 

So that isn’t going to happen, BUT you did change my mind. Cool. I will no longer make fun of runners.

I even support your efforts and understand you a bit better.

You, runners, show up. I like that. And thank you. Thank you for showing up for pediatric cancer.

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  1. I run for Jacob, with his name stapled on my shirt, 2 to 3 times a week….I run races for him each month (so do my boys)…we will keep running, whether you like it or not 🙂

  2. Friends of Nightwing, thank you so much for participating in this run for Jacob and the RMcDH! It is such a wonderful organization that I have a lot of experience with! It flies under the radar, kind of like Nightwing, but is critical for families seeking treatment out of their home city/state! The one in Manhattan is a particular favorite of mine, but I have seen the one in Philadelphia, New Brunswick (another favorite) and Long Branch. They provide security and serenity to families living through unspeakable hardships! Thank you, thank you, thank you! \

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