Two things

Something positive.

Something positive. 


What is something positive that I can take out of this experience?

Okay I got one!

I get to observe the world go by and it is making me laugh. I don’t mean to laugh at you all, but as your friend I’m going to say it. You all look ridiculous in these headbands. Why are you all wearing headbands? When did this happen? Is looking like your 8 year old the new thing? And they are everywhere! I wonder if I was still living in your time, would I too be wearing a headband?

So here’s a positive. I’m not wearing a headband! 

It could always be worse. I could be living in this hospital wearing a headband. Yes. That would be worse. No one can be taken seriously in a headband.

Oh another! This one is positive. Even after cancer, I’m going to home school for part of the year. I can’t believe I’m saying this. This I could have never predicted, but I really love it.

I think I was actually the one to say “NEVER do that!” Beyond the social piece which is obvious, I just found it not a good idea. It is hard to teach your own children, but yet here we are and I’m loving it. Our chick eggs come on Wednesday AND we just booked a trip to Europe. Jacob will have 2 weeks off between treatments! We are going to Austria and today I wrote my lesson plans on all the adventures that will include literacy, arts, music, and science. I’m pumped!

I’m back in the classroom!

I’m getting that:)

Two great things.

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