Work calls have just gotten a bit stranger. 

We have decided to just come out and say it, but it can make for some awkward conversations. Not sure how to do it better. 

Just listened to Steve do one. Painful.

Just a simple call to an old business associate for a question turns into the most awkward thing ever. Cringing as I listen. Cringing that this is how Steve spends his phone calls. Does he hear himself?

But what choice does he have?

We have learned by not just saying “good” to the inevitable question “How are things?” ends up hurting people in the end. We have attempted that strategy just to get calls week later. “Why didn’t you tell me?! I feel like such an idiot going on and on. Why didn’t you tell me your child has cancer?!”


But now you will have to deal with the most awkward conversation ever. Now when you say the obligatory “how are things?” You will learn that not only did Steve get cancer, but now our 5 year old son. Now you will have to deal with that statement and figure out some appropriate response. Now you get to share that story at the dining room table that night where your spouse who will question your statements. “What? They both got cancer? How can that be?”

Turns out, it can be.

But I don’t know any better ideas. Although I think Steve could do a bit better with these calls. His sign off? “Thanks bud. Can’t wait to hang when we are cancer-free over here!” He says it like you would say “Can’t wait to hang when we get back from Bali.” Same tone. I swear. Sorry person on the other line. When cancer becomes your new normal you say things like that. But I agree, weird.

And I apologize to all of you that are just learning. “Why didn’t they call?” 

Sorry. This is how I communicate now. Truly. This is how I communicate.

So I’m not calling, but please know I don’t expect you to check this.  I TOTALLY understand that you can’t read it. My husband doesn’t even read everything. It’s cool as the person I am most informing is myself. I tend to forget things. 

So consider this your call:

How are things? We have had a rough year. Steve and now Jacob has cancer.

How? I don’t know, but I’m determined to find out.

When? Diagnosed June 18th

Huh? Yep. And in the words of Steve Brody, we hope to see you when we are cancer free.

See? Awkward.

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