Talented boys

Thank you for last night with the intention exercise. I hope it was a WIN WIN WIN. It felt like it at my house. Even Steve participated! I think I heard a few snores near the end of the 10 minutes, but he played along nicely. 

No news yet on any scans. Today Jacob got an MRI, a CAT scan and an injection of isotopes for tomorrow’s scans. He was scheduled to get anesthesia for four days in a row. That was making me nervous. All the doctors said it was okay, but I was not feeling great about it. 

So today we attempted to have Jacob take the MRI with no anesthesia, which is pretty unheard of for five-year-olds. It was questionable if he could do this. Many adults can’t do it and when Benno was Jacob’s age he needed one, he freaked out on all 3 attempts. It’s understandable. The machine is scary, you can’t move, and it makes loud sounds that sound like fire alarms. 

But like everything, Jacob did it. He did it without the counselors the hospital said would be there and even without these googles they said could distract him. He just hopped up there and laid down. Not sure if this is a braggable skill, but my five year old can do MRIs! Can yours?! Oh and he swallows pills now too. I didn’t successfully swallow a pill until high school. I’m in awe of him.

Nothing can stop him. Look here. Look at him climb. I mean it was heart attack worthy! That bag is attached to his IV! One pull on that cord and we would have needed a helicopter airlift out of there, but how could we stop him?! Bouncy castle!! Impossible. He was being a regular kid!

And look at Jacob playing cars this weekend. He, of course, was set on running me over. “Run mom!” This is the most outside time he has had in months. 

And his brother is no slouch either. He is our Uber driver. 

He also has taken up bartending, which has become particularly helpful.

And I look forward to him passing the champagne when this all is over!

Talented boys I’ve got here.

Keeping positive!

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  1. Michelle, Hudson and I are Flicking away! Only good things in this new year!!

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