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“My legs feel better, the pain is better, except for my big balls. My Big balls keep getting in the way. I can’t even wear pants!”

It’s true. His balls are HUGE. Like elephant man huge. It’s his dad’s favorite subject.

This is to be “expected.” All the fluids from the surgery make him puffy like a marshmallow man. While he is slowly deflating, his balls have remained the same, huge. For some reason, this is the last part of the body that deflates. So he waddles due to his “big balls” (his words). 

But those balls didn’t stop him today. 


I got even some videos. Notice HERE how well he is moving. This is REMARKABLE. I almost passed out when he bent down like that. It has only been 5 days since his surgery.

He also has his personality back…we are back to mom being so annoying HERE. We are back to our furrowed eyebrows of anger.


 Big balls and all.

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  1. He is amazing

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  2. AMAZING! (they should have a little “sling” for his balls. hahahahaha! (i’m serious))

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