Breathing on our own here!

We’re all taking a good deep breath here. 

Jacob is breathing on his own. We all are breathing on our own.

And I breathe in awe. 

Jacob’s first words were “I can’t get up.” As he wanted to get up.

When the nurse went to clean him, he said “I want to do it.” He wanted to be in control. He slowly lifted his hand and cleaned his belly. 

He just told us he is no longer in pain.

That was a good exhale.

We are going to get through this not because of any adult strength, but because of his.

The next big exhale will be his next scans. They need to confirm they got all of the tumors. That will be in 3-4 weeks….but we are feeling so confident looking at him.

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  1. Such wonderful news. Will continue thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. Xx

  2. Wonderfull news ! Continue to feed off each other’s strength! May this nightmare be behind you soon !

  3. Such amazing news! Sending lots of prayers and love. You are so strong and that strength is so evident in Jacob every moment of this journey!

  4. Thinking of you! What an incredible, strong little lion you have Abby.

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