Homework: Waiting

Trying to prepare for Monday. I know there will be 10+ hours of waiting and the doctors have refused to put us out. Boy have we tried. So this will be the marathon day.

The next days I will focus on writing things for me to read or write on Monday. Things that make me happy.

Things that I have not had time to write about. Too busy in the “And thens.”

Making a list to remember:

  1. Mind the Gap! Holy crap. The alignment of the world. Are we prophets?! 
  2. Ants!
  3. Ant lessons (Benno)
  4. School w/ Jacob
  5. Burning Man
  6. Millennials: being a “cusper”
  7. For every disease, there is a cure
  8. Burj Khalifa
  9. Got to have Faith
  10. Flair

That is a solid list. I will work my way through these. That is a good 6 hours right there.


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