I went in prepared for the surgical team meeting, but of course, wasn’t prepared for it. They dropped a new date. They moved up the surgery from the 18th. It was always soft circled, but I had never heard otherwise, so I assumed we were on for the 18th.  Again the unexpected.

And they said 16th.

16 is a loaded number.

That is my birthdate. The 16th. And of course…a Monday. Two things that I recall writing about in my blog. My disdain of July 16th and the case of the “Monday”s…and here they are again. That number and a Monday.

His most important date falling on my least favorite date. This threw me. 

But yet isn’t this what I’ve been begging for? TIME! I’ve been asking for just this- TIME SPEED UP!  Give me my son’s life back!

And that is exactly what has been happening. Jacob has been rebounding quicker than average. 21 days is the usual rebound for the chemo rounds Jacob is getting, but his clocking in at 17 days. So they moved up his surgery. It makes sense, but yet, the date caught me by surprise. 

The dreaded 16th…

But I got a text instantly from a Nightwing friend about September 16th being a great date. A date of enthusiasm and strength. The rabbi reached out about how lucky he is to have surgery during this time, the rebirth of all Jewish souls. 

And then my mother-in-law came in. 

She doesn’t read my blog. She doesn’t have to, she lives it. But she doesn’t know how deeply upsetting the 16th is for me as the 16th is the BEST day in her eyes.

Both of her daughters were born on the 16th, July 16th in fact. My sister-in-law and I are born on the exact same date, not year, I’m younger just for the record:) And my sister-in-law is awesome like really awesome.

I didn’t allow myself to like Steve until I met his family. Family is EVERYTHING. So I was skeptical, but was sold after meeting his sister. I’ve told her this before, but she is the reason I allowed myself to fall for Steve. I had reasons not to trust all that I was experiencing. Life and people can be deceiving. But there was the kindest family who only wished the best for their son/brother. And she was cool. I could hang with her. And then I met my nieces and OBSESSED. They are the cutest and simply the best. I have the coolest nieces. They are extremely talented and so kind. They love their cousins too.

And as I watched my mother-in-law’s eyes light up over the glory of the 16th I realized something that we all need to remind ourselves, which is hard because of the lens that we see the world. IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. Maybe this date is about her. The 16th has given my mother and my mother-in-law the gifts of life. The 16th is the day of birth in OUR families. It’s a lucky day.

She deserves the 16th and I know one thing, God walks with this one. This is NOT a coincidence. 

So the 16th it is and the 16th it SHOULD be.

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