Another day in paradise

Just another day in paradise…

Today was supposed to be a home day.

It even started well! School. We launched our science study today. Can you guess what we are studying?:)

ANTS! Today we brainstormed all that we know about ants and listed all the questions we have about ants while of course observing them in our finally successful ant farm! Ants and teaching together, it was looking like a good day.

But we had a dressing malfunction with Jacob’s port so to the hospital we went. To then run home and take Benno to the doctor. He, of course, is sick and when I scream as he enters three feet from Jacob, he yells: “Why do I have to move? I’m sick too. He should leave the room!”


I’ve been tasked with the impossible yet again. Keeping Jacob safe while also being there for Benno who doesn’t feel good. No fun over here. 

Have you seen the building in the east village that is called “No Fun.” The boys would always laugh as we would think about what they do in there. Do they stare at each other? Are you not allowed to smile? Do they yell all day? They would burst into giggles as I would do my impersonation of the front desk receptionist at “No fun.” 

But now I know…they do THIS all day. This is NO FUN.

Tomorrow we meet with the surgical team. I will have the surgical date for sure. Meeting request a coming!!! Get those healing vibes rested and ready. That will be a BIG DAY.

And on that note…anyone got a horse tranquilizer or anything along those lines? Ideally two doses. Steve and I are in desperate need of such a drug. Sitting in the hospital as your child has surgery for 10-16 hours…or you can just come and punch me in the face. That could work.

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