Seeing is believing?

This need to SEE is something I’m trying to break out of. A true New Yorker, I don’t give anything the benefit of the doubt. You will need to prove to me that something works and that often means showing me with my eyes. I tend to trust that sense the most. I don’t think I’m alone on this.

And here I am trying to understand how things work that I can’t see. It’s challenging. It’s hard to believe. It sounds crazy. The entire cell, gene, chromosome, DNA, protein, it all sounds like one of Steve’s shows, science fiction. This intricate dance of molecules that seem to be able to time travel, able to go backward, redesign. What I’m struggling with the most is that cancer lives in all of us. There are cancer genes in all of our bodies. WHY?

I’m like an annoying three year old. “WHY? WHY? WHY?” I would drive any author of these studies CRAZY. I think I would just record myself and press play “But why?” as I find this constant phrase annoying to keep up on this end too. No matter what they will “show” me, I will say “but why?”

You need to prove it to me. SHOW me something. PLEASE! I’m not a blind believer. 

But as I read about the origin stories of many “Whys” from gravity to genetics the first theorists never saw anything, they only inferred from its consequent behaviors. Just how we infer from our children’s cries their meaning. Was that an “I’m hungry cry?”

Einstein’s theory of relativity wasn’t able to be “seen” until 1919 years after his theorizing when light from distant stars was “bent” by the mass of the sun. 

“They see only their shadows or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave.” – Plato

Science then does have blind belief. They believe in things they can’t see from watching the shadows. They see the effects of the fire and know it exists from the the shadows it produces. I never thought of science in this way. 

I now question my whole way of thinking and proving. Seeing will not always be the answer. Most of the answers are not seeable it turns out.

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