Ants, humans, and some unexpected jazz today

Good day for humans bad day for ants.

Woke up to a gravesite of ants. Most of them were buried by the last warriors to succumb to an environment that was not suitable to sustain life. Those warriors collapsing over the sites of their friends. At least the workcamp is over. It was hard to watch.

I will do better! Light up ant farm here we come! These ants are going to be in ant heaven and we are going to read ALL of the instructions.

On the flip side, humans are doing well. Steve’s scan came back clear and doesn’t need another for 6 months. yeah. And Jacob, while still with no immunity, is doing well. No fevers and today is day 8. We are at the hospital as he needs blood, but it should be a short day (6 hours) and if all goes well, we should be going HOME!

It’s pretty remarkable. It is day 8. We have never made it past day 9 and this is round 4. I assumed we would be in earlier as chemo is cumulative. I chalk this up to again you. I like to picture Jacob’s note at Burning Man being read by strangers and for just for a second Jacob’s name escaping their lips. That thought makes me happy. Maybe all those prayers are keeping Jacob healthy. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we made it past day 9?! I’m thinking positive.

And on my walk to get Jacob pizza I saw this.

And you know what? COOL.

We may not agree Trump people on everything, but is that really true? Or do we just speak a different language? But this language I dig. It reeks of flair and was that jazz playing? I dig.

One thing I’ve learned through this whole ordeal is that hate takes up a lot of time. And that many people, including my closest friends, are spending their days fighting instead of loving. Letting the anger (which I get is real) consume them.

And when I zoomed in on the images, I saw this. Try reading it without the “Trump” like tone. Try just reading its words. 

For example read the line: “All lives matter” without taking it to mean “black lives matter” is not a real concern and should be addressed. Maybe if we sat down and asked what they mean by that statement, we are all saying the same thing, that we are all equal. Maybe we can talk numbers like the disproportionately incarcerated minorities? Maybe.

And there are things we 100% agree on like infrastructure and education. Maybe start there.

Let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

So when they drove by I waved. They offered me a bumper sticker and I declined and she smiled. She got it. I’m not going to vote for Trump, but I respect the effort and complimented her ride.

These are my type of people. We should embrace this type of demonstration. I mean that is commitment. That is a lot of FLAIR! Instead of talking they are riding it style and spreading some jazz. Alrighty.

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