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September is around the corner. 

September has always been a BIG month. Start of school, back to school nights, etc. My days in September are usually around 14 hours. Waking at 6AM and getting home at 8PM all month long. A marathon.

This year will be no different I guess. 

Just a different race.

September also means the new iPhone release! Us Brody’s take this seriously. It usually requires an alarm clock set to get in our pre-order first. Got to have it!

Of course, I’m getting the newest phone. I always get it. I have the 10, but this is life and death right? This is my lifeline.  I need the best and newest technology. I need extended battery life. I will drop $600 without thinking twice. This is not a purchase to cheap out on. You use this object pretty much every freaking second of the day.

So I will invest in this future tech. Apple can count on my support. Apple even knows I will buy it (they hold this data) and in return, I will get more productivity. 

I bet many of you reading this feel the same way. You will 100% be buying the new iPhone.

I wish you would think that way about your health, and in particular, cancer.

If you don’t. You should. 

One out of two men and one out of three women will develop cancer in their lifetime. This is just fact. Rates are rising. A lot of it can be chalked up to extended lives. We are just living longer. 

“Civilization did not cause cancer, but by extending human life spans- civilization unveiled it.”  -Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

But that doesn’t explain childhood cancer and those rates are rising too. By a lot. There is more here… It is the basis of most of my questions. But that is for another letter.

So when you go buy your phone, think about giving money towards cancer. Isn’t it the same? An investment in your future productivity! Extending you own battery life!

I am thinking about this because today I am working on a thank you letter to SO SO SO many friends. The LOT of you that gave to the Friends of Nightwing’s joint efforts with the Band of Parents to cure this rare childhood cancer. 

Steve and I are speechless by the generosity of our friends and even strangers of our friends. Who are now our friends for life.

As people who have never asked for money ever in our lives, never ones to solicit, we are taking this responsibility seriously. 

The thank you letter will acknowledge this responsibility. 

Steve and I will be writing a JOINT letter. This should be interesting:)

You will get an update on Steve’s strategies of “attack” and my understandings of the why. We have broken down our work into short and long term action steps to rid the world of neuroblastoma and share how our work can possibly impact future cancers. All of these steps will require time, but remember we planted a flag. We have a deadline to beat.

We acknowledge that our Jacob will not be a recipient of these advancements, but we do it for all the children and their families that follow. We do it for the Friends.

So go buy your iPhone! You should. It will be better. It will. Apple can innovate. They have the funds.  They know that you will buy it. You are basically an investor in the future of phone technology.

But when you do…think about another investment you should make. 

Without your health…that iPhone becomes an expensive piece of metal and glass. You may as well frame it. Keep it as an artifact of a time “before.” Cancer will do that. It will define “before” and “after” for the rest of your life. 

If you haven’t already, join our cause, please consider it.  These thank you letters I will not post. They will just go to the Friends of Nightwing who have supported this cause and want to fight cancer with us. Every dollar counts. 

Donate: Here 

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