The temple. The burn.

Burning man is upon us and at this event is a temple. People have been reaching out to have Jacob’s presence in the temple.

So here is the letter.

Dear you,

Dear person to stop and notice, 

Dear person to spend the most precious asset in life, time, on this letter,

I wish I was with you. But I am here. Here for me is sadly not there. 

My son has stage 4 neuroblastoma. This is a rare children’s cancer. This is the second cancer to touch us in 6 months. My husband, fellow burner, lost his lung in October to cancer. Also a rare cancer. 

It is clear we have been chosen and we are LISTENING. We are listening to the playa. It will always provide. And it has. Even in this dark period, the playa, is providing. 

I know you reading this has been touched by cancer. I just know it. I am certain. It may be a distant relative or friend, but you have seen the chaos you know its pain.

But you, I also know, because of where you choose to spend your time, understand the power of community. The power of putting others first. The power of uniting. It can CURE. It can HEAL.

I ask you reader, to use some of your super powers to think of our son JACOB BRODY. See him surrounded by light. Like the lights in the darkness at burning man. See him following the art cars. She him basking in light right here on this earth.

As there is one thing WE all know that many, sadly, don’t.

Heaven can exist on earth.

And as you sit recognize the pain not just for him, but all the children in this ward and world. Recognize the cancer in all of our lives. The rouge cell multiplying. That can only be defeated by love.

I only wish happiness for you.

I wish for this burn to bring clarity and I thank you for giving just a breath to our Jacob.

When you return, if you wish to follow his journey and my husband and mine’s to cure cancer, you can find us here.


Abby Brody

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