Steve is thankful he had cancer

Steve said he is thankful for his cancer.

That was a strange conversation. 

Listening to Steve say that he was thankful he had cancer. Thankful for a life threatening tumor that took a lung. Thankful for what must have been so scary for him.  I only know my side and it was BEYOND scary.

But he’s thankful. 

Appreciative even.

I listened and I get what he is saying.

Steve’s cancer was a two week stretch and I mean stretch in the athletic way. A warm up. A time to listen and learn from the coach. 

Maybe even a warning…something bigger is about to come.

I wish we listened more. I wish I listened more. It was just so fast and then we were sailing. How can you think about the WHY when you are sailing, it just screams be in this NOW. So I never dug in. I never looked back. I never thought that cancer would be our “thing.” It was a thing of the past.

But, Steve is thankful and he said why.

It did give us a heads up. It did allow us to know the enemy immediately and knew exactly who to call. We had the lingo, which is more than half the battle. We knew doctors. We knew hospital life. We knew what buttons to push in the array of buttons. We knew the “players.” We were what we would say in education talk “primed.” 

So this conversation happened. Steve thanking his cancer.

It is honestly one of the few conversations post Steve’s cancer that we have had. Beyond referring to it at doctor visits, looking for coorelation, looking for causation to help Jacob. And here he is thanking his cancer. Thanking his cancer to help save his son.

It’s a weird world I tell you.

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