Benno read. WHAT?

And here is what he did next!!!

Benno read.

This is a child who refuses to read.

I can’t get Benno to read. He refuses to read and he CAN read. I know he can, but if a book has more than 30 words on a page, refuses. It is torture for me. I know the importance of eyes on text. I know! I’ve read all the research. TORTURE.

But there he was READING. All on his own. This was not my idea, I know better.  I even had to ask him to stop, to go to bed.

He is reading an online CPR and AED course. I swear. He wanted to become certified. He is practicing everywhere. Come over, he will perform CPR on you. He knows all the steps. 

He “clears the scene.” This is to make sure the injured person is in a safe place to be administered CPR. Then he calls out to someone nearby to call 911. He has it down. I feel safer already. lol.

And then he took the test after all that reading. And this was not “kid” reading. This was an online course for adults. It had crazy words. 

“I passed! At first, I didn’t pass, but I corrected my mistakes and took it again. I passed!”

WHAT?! He passed? He took it again?! Who is this child?! He stuck with it. He not only failed, but was excited to share his failure with me.

THIS IS AWESOME! Best thing ever.

And he printed out his certificate. He signed his name. So proud.

He is reading. He now has another WHY. WHY he should read. Reading allows you to become “certified.” That is powerful stuff.

And I think it solves a few other whys too. He wants control over all of the “sick.” He wants to save people. He wants to understand CPR. He wants to understand the body to be able to control it better.

He is channeling his anxiety for good! 

Patience is paying off and he is reminding me of someone…


Oh right! I married him!

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