Dear Justin,

I didn’t plan on writing to you.

I just asked Steve to hand me a computer so I could write down a happy memory so I could read it later. I was going to write about the past.

But the present came on. 

“Say Something” and I was overcome by such wonder and happiness.

So this letter, to thank you.

You are one of my favs.

You are not only a good human you are one of the most talented humans in this world. And I like the way you show up in the world. I think you make it a bit more manageable for all of us. Thank you for the sounds. 

And I KNOW you are a good guy, because “like attracts like” (or at least that is what I’m recently learning) and your friends say a lot about you. We love them. They are our family.

So tell me…Is it really one take?! 

Would you tell me?! I promise I won’t tell a soul. 

But I’m 99% sure it was the first. It felt like the FIRST. So after you confirm the “one take” thing, can you tell me about the sound mixing?! Tell me about everything. I want to know everything. 

I have some favorite things out there. I love installation art. I like the idea of being in an original moment. I like the whole idea that you can’t relive it, that its a shared experience between just the people there. 

However, some things you can feel and not “be there for.” It is rare. It has to be something magical, but it can be done. I’ve seen it. And technology is making it easier. Do you have the new Oculus Quest? You would LOVE it. Stop by. We should re-meet. Maybe Anderson will come. 

And you know! You know exactly what it looks like this “shareable authentic” thing, because you have done it.

“Say Something.” 

I share this love of mine with the whole world. All the moms and dads that need just a little light right now. I share this with you.

It’s one take. It’s an engineering marvel. One take. One Moving camera. It is alive. It is remarkable.

It is like witnessing a miracle. 

However, friends, you MUST watch the whole thing, because you are in it.

Isn’t that you near the end?

Look up, you can’t miss them, it’s the Friends!


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