To remind us of days long ago

There is no physical police baton. I’m sorry for getting you excited. Sorry. I only wrote the memory down which is months old. I wrote it because it makes me laugh and it came up two nights ago when I finally got to See Steve. And even in my darkest hour, I was capable of throwing the baton in the air and making fun of him. It felt good. I wanted to remember that feeling. So I wrote it down.

But there is no physical baton. Turns out, to Steve’s disappointment, the baton, is illegal in the State of New York. I’m sure the search for the weapon continues, but he doesn’t share with me. He knows better, because I will just laugh and throw my air baton in the air and twirl while catching it after my perfectly executed 360. 

But some of you asked to see it. Texting Steve to see it. That made me laugh and funny enough we do have some wands. They arrived via the magical carpet of Amazon last night.

Jacob got into glow up baton at the hospital when a volunteer from the chai lifeline came to play with Jacob. The Chai Lifeline is a real mitzvah. They come everyday and check in on me. I am forever in their debt. The other day they brought a lazer toy and Jacob loved it. 

And I loved watching him play with them.

We need that for our big party!

Oh! I forgot you don’t know.

Jacob and I are planning a big fourth of July party for next year so SAVE THE DATE people. So we decide to order 3 different types of glow sticks. I teach him the word “prototype.” We will try all of these and then order hundreds of the one we like best or build are own.

They came last night. The same day I wrote about the baton. 

I asked Jacob if he wanted to do a lazer light show. YES! Of course, yes!

What song do you want to do it to?

“Oh Hannukah!” 

So odd. So random, but yet, not random. It is a song about the miracle of light.

So here it is.

One for each night.

They shed us sweet light.

To remind us of days long ago.

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