Today is a big day for us


I’ve been quiet. I know.

But don’t think in this absence there hasn’t been a day that you are not next to me everyday. You are my daily motivation. And today we celebrate. All of us. As it took a village to get here, the Nightwing village.

Almost 2 years ago in a hospital room alone around 4am I made a promise. If Jacob was spared, I would live every single moment count and make the change I wanted to see in the world.

Knowing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE even when the odds are against you…I am very proud of share that together with the support of you and the MYX team, today we launch to the world an educational model that brings back value to the student.

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Help me get the word out to students and parents. Help me share that there is a program out there designed intentionally to shape confident life ready young adults who will have the skills to conquer anything.

Including the roller coaster life can throw you.

Where you begin the real learning, the lessons only learned by experience. Life the ultimate teacher.




With incredible gratitude,


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  1. You are amazing! Wanted to ask if you ever spoke to my friend Brian Sugar? Xox

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


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