We have an additional family member. We actually have many. Every nanny/ housekeeper, etc has run back to our family. Some have even volunteered to quit their jobs and donate their time. One refuses to let us pay her and she is living with us. And some of these we have fired. I can’t imagine […]

Level 11

Are you a Christopher Guest fan? As in the screenwriter, composer, musician, director, and actor? The man behind Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and my personal favorite, Waiting For Guffman? If you’re not, you should be. The first 30 minutes of Waiting for Guffman is the best. Hands down. BEST. I love mockumentaries. It’s two […]


People keep telling me how “brave” I am.  I appreciate the compliment, but it is not deserved nor the compliment that is warranted.  Let me be clear that this journey is not an act of bravery. People who run into burning buildings. Brave. People who free climb. Brave. Stupid, but brave. People who try something […]