40 years it is

I’m just not organized enough for this lie. I keep forgetting myself. This mulligan idea is more complicated than I realized. I don’t know my own age. On forms….do I lie? Do I have a “real age” and a “fake age?” A “medical age” and a “social age?” I can hardly remember my age as […]


It has come full circle again. The whole thing started with a search of narratives. Narratives that came before me. Hearing other women’s stories with pediatric cancer children to try and understand how they do it. I read their blogs and started my own to give what I had been given. And today I again […]


Body. I’ve never really considered my relationship with my body. Or rather I’ve never really even thought of my body beyond the immediate “ow” after a stubbed toe or the mirror glance where I pinch the fat. That has been my entire relationship with my body. Not a negative one, but one of more indifference. […]


Yes, I’m a hypocrite.  I am an adult wearing a headband.  I succumbed.  I know I made fun of you. I did. And here I am, wearing a headband. It really was just a way to deal with my hair that I can’t muster the energy to put effort into and living at sea is […]


Physics. Let’s talk Physics.  The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed. In essence, energy can be converted from one form into another, but it never disappears.  Energy is important concept in learning about trauma. Physics is at play here. Or at least I think […]


The fourth of July. I had big plans for you. But like everything, life laughed. It had other plans for sure, ones that included a health pandemic.  But this day was important.  Last fourth of July, we were given the gift of Jacob being out of the hospital (it was fleeting only 2 days) and […]