Cancer is next

While the world’s attention has been hijacked, mine hasn’t. I continue to read, think, about cancer. If anything my speed is increasing. There are some promising things happening in the medical community. Things that prior to COVID seemed absolute, but right before my eyes the ground is shaking.  Its a revolution! A medical revolution! Maybe […]


/əˈɡen/ Again. Again. Again. I have an issue with this word. It is becoming close to the level of my hatred for the infamous “E” word.  I’m adding “again” to the list of words that are severally misused and misunderstood.  But yet this word is everywhere.  It is even chanted. I believe the word is […]

The rope

The rope doesn’t seem to have an end. Just when you think you are at the end of it…nope more. Just when you think you can’t take anymore, more to be taken. So much rope. So much rope. Enough to hang yourself with. Maybe that its purpose I am definitely on my last nerve as […]

Dear Jackson

I write to you, but I also write to all the Jackson, Jacks, Julias, Juliettes out there. I write to you, the seniors, the class of 2020. The class with the coolest name, after, of course, the class of 1999 who had their own Prince theme song…just saying. But putting coolness aside, your class was […]