Jacob’s scans were clear!!! We are still in remission. Very thankful. We are going into memory-making mode. OVERDRIVE. We have three months until the next scans. That is three months! That includes SUMMER. We can have a summer. Last night Steve confided in me that all he has wished for was to have Jacob on […]

New Normal

New normal.  I hated that phrase. It would illicit a good eye roll from me every time. And I heard it a LOT. Even cancer moms would say it to me. The trauma of scans and life in the hospital will become “normal.” It will become easier. This was a ridiculous thing to say from […]

Optimistic Realist

I’m married to a pessimistic realist. He’s pretty much the killjoy of any party.  Excited that the growth curve is declining in New York? Oh, Steve will kill that. “It will be going up! The virus is mutating.”  Love how kids are making masks? Steve’s got ya. “They are using improper materials. Who’s teaching these […]

First day of school

I may have pictured it differently (very differently), but hey beggars can’t be choosers. Today Jacob went to “school.” He went to the Kindergarten assembly. He was beaming. Of course, playing it cool on camera, but he just couldn’t stop listing the names. There’s Aerin! There’s Ryan! Look Liam. Hey Mira. Hey Becket. Jacob has […]

Hunker games

Did its job:) I love that all of you have started such games with your own family. That is the ultimate goal! Creating community! I get giddy when I hear of your own Hunker Games. Therefore, we are declaring the winners of our little hunker games and ending its reign as you continue to build […]