A cry out to our black brothers and sisters

To my black friends,

I think it is your silence that hurts the most. How you don’t stand with your Jewish community and mourn with us. 

Not many know but I was an African American History major my freshman year at college. I chose my college on this major. Duke had the number one African American History Department. I often regret not seeing that major through. Why I transferred majors is a longer story, but it had nothing to do with the topic. From slavery to the civil rights movement, I felt strongly about black rights. Still do. Black Lives Matter I support. 

But I know enough about the black struggle to know the parallel s to the Jewish one.

    Jews have always stood by the black community in the United States. We were a crucial partner in the civil rights movement. 

So I beg of you…before you take a side, get educated on the issue. Israel is not an apartheid state and allowing that narrative only clouds your history.

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  1. Abby I follow your emails. They all touch me but particularly this one. What you said needs to be broadcasted through this country. I applaud you. I am
    Jared Epstein’s mom and send hugs to Steven, you and your family

  2. Abby – I’m saddened that you have zero compassions for the Palestinians. Shocked really. I send out positive energy to the entire world, not just those who happen to be Jewish or Black. I truly hope those who follow you don’t internalize your antagonistic narrative that only fuels the fire and keeps the world in a constant state violence.

    1. When have I not shown remorse for Palestine civilian lives? I would like to know where you were when 100,000s of Arabs including Palestinians were slaughtered by other Arabs. Did you care then?

      The antisemitism is so clear. Us Jews are fighting for our lives.

      1. Abby – my reply wasn’t necessarily from your last post exclusively. I was responding to everything that you’ve posted since October 7th. Regardless, I wish you nothing but peace.

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