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First time ever I’ve ever seen anything from Jacob about his cancer. Here is a piece he wrote for school, grade 4.

Personal Narrative:  Cancer

It was three years ago and I was five years old and from all I know it was just a normal weekend. Until I had a doctor’s appointment! So I just got to the doctor and the second the doctor came in he was extremely surprised. So he started examining me and after less than half an hour I was sent to the hospital. So I go to the hospital to check in and have no idea of what’s happening. 

I was very calm until I saw the biggest needle of my life! Oh and did I tell you it was an IV and I had got five of them in my stomach? After that I’m on the ground screaming my lungs out and I was very young back then so it wasn’t that hard to persuade me.

Turned out I had constipation well at least we thought I did. It turned out I had constipation and cancer! Surprisingly i was feeling great because when you get cancer at an age so young you can’t understand it you just like a long weekend. I didn’t get cancer for another year. After immunotherapy, radiation, camino therapy and many more for another two years and when I was done I had quite a story to tell. 

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