I got to check off a bucket list item. 

I helped an old lady with her groceries. Legit that happened.

It was just like the movies. You help an old lady carry her groceries/ get home and in return she will give you some sage advice that changes your life.

In NYC this is not a common experience. If you see a woman who is struggling with groceries and approach her she is more likely to hit you with them before allowing you to help. I have never been successful with this bucket item. Even once told, “Do I look like I am struggling? I don’t need your goddamn help!” Alrighty…

But today I scored an acceptance and in return got the wisdom of a new MacNCheese recipe. It wasn’t the secret to happiness, or is carbs really the secret…maybe.

And I write to remember.

That the universe will give you what you need. Disappointment only comes from failed expectations of what you think you need. You may not get the secret to life, but you will get something. Life will hand you exactly what you need. It is up to you to understand why you need it.And it is up to us to say yes even when it seems totally contradictory.

Recently life has been serving up some odd plates.

I am hanging with a new crew.  All of my crew has been diagnosed with rare incurable cancers and given months to live. It is not the lightest of topics nor a common way to spend your days, but it has turned out to be a fucking honor. 

Yes. A real honor. 

And I hear you…is this a healthy way to spend your days? Isn’t this a BAD idea? Aren’t you dealing with your own PTSD? 

All those concerns make a lot of sense, but yet here I am. And while they come to me for council/ advice on alternative treatments or for just a general listening ear as someone who understands the healthcare system, it is ME who is learning. Learning about what is important. Learning about regret. Learning about what it means to be human.

So a big thank you to my new crew who is going to defy the odds and for allowing me to carry their “groceries.”

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