Nightwing Update Fall 2023

I’ve been quiet, but please know that NIGHTWING is very much alive. If you recall, Steve and I have dedicated our lives to being part of the cure of cancer inspired by how you came to our support during Jacob’s. 

You all are the reason we do this work.

We have spent most of our time and resources focusing on the electromagnetic sciences (hence all the physics classes!) and believe that our current medical approaches to disease and even wellness are misguided. We tend to focus on what we can see. Us humans like to KNOW (and that means things that we can see), which is understandable when messing with someone’s life, but is not the answer. 

We can SEE bones. We can SEE tissues. We can even SEE blood cells with the help of technology and we can SEE when disease affects these things. And we have three tools to help fix when we see cancer.

CUT- Surgery

BURN- Radiation 

POISON- Chemo and other toxins

And new to the scene…Immunotherapy/ CarT therapies. These therapies try to support and train the immune system to fix it the body. This is a GREAT advancement and we are very excited about it. Band of Parents and most other charities are focused here and we support them.

But all of these therapies focus on the after effect. Cancer has already happened and now we are trying to reverse it. Steve and I and our team of other philanthropists and scientists take issue with that. We are focusing on the ROOT of cancer, before it even becomes cancer. 

Working with scientists in Italy, California, Florida, and Austria, we have decoded the cell signatures of the body over the last 4 years. Each cell has a unique frequency. I like to think of it as a song. Each cell from a liver stem cell to an eye stem cell has their own unique song. This is how cells communicate. Because in the end all matter (blood, tissue, bones, organs), are just vibrating energy. If we can communicate with the source, the energy, we can cure incoherence before it even can become a disease.

There are two major projects under way. One that will be based in Italy and another in Dubai. Working outside the US has major advantages, but please know that we will not ever stop the work of Nightwing.

Thank you all for the new passion and purpose in life. You are inspirational!

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