Returning to close a chapter

Today we leave for the burn. This marks my second time.

The first time I was called to this place for the art. A lover of installation art, I was drawn to this event to see the largest installation art exhibit in the world. I had not known of others who went and went with pure niavete.  

But it turned out I wasn’t there for the art, I was there for the hope and I would need it for the years that followed. Burning man allowed me to see humanity at its best.

Since the last burn, my husband, and at the time 5 year old son, were both diagnosed with rare and aggressive cancers. My husband was lucky and just lost a lung, but never needed much more treatment. My 5 year old, Jacob, spent 2 years in the hospital (chemo, 12 hr surgeries, scans, radiation, etc). 

During that time I sent a letter with a lock of Jacob’s hair that fell out in chemo to be placed in the temple at Burning Man. It asked for anyone who saw our meager letter, to send your magic. Send it Jacob’s way. Think of this boy, named Jacob Brody. And you did. Boy did you.

Jacob is now 9 years old and just got back from sleep away camp. 
He is a product of human magic. A product of intention and healing sent his way. He is a product of hope.

We come again to burning man this time to close this chapter of pain and suffering in our life and to pledge our time and energy to help others. 

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