Oh Summer!

Oh summer.

You have taught me so much.

It started strange. A good strange.

It was the first with no health crisis to attend to. Not even a  pressing agenda for work. No big presentation to be prepared for. Not even a bout of the June PTSDs. Just a plan to live. 

That was new. 

And I set a goal!
Just listen. Just read. Just let it come. 

And I just listened. I just read.I just let it all come.

And it spoke, popped off the page, and sat right next to me and had a conversation. All of it. 

And I struggle to capture it. Too many moments that deserve their own pages. Some deserve  their own score. It has been more than just textbooks, physics thoughts, but Adventure (with a capital “A”) surrounded by titans. 

This summer I witnessed inspiring land and bore witness to feats that make you believe in humanity again (or at least marvel in its ingenuity). I got to be next to giants. but don’t expect me to say their names or even leave a hint as to who they are, as these giants leave no footprints. 

Giants who give their lives to better their neighbor, and that alone is the gift, not the recognition. 

And I witnessed their miracles. I saw nature bend to winds of magical whimsy. I saw cells bend to the vibration of a younger frequency, basically reversing aging and disease. I saw it all. 

I leave this summer so inspired. By you. People. Humanity. 

Us mere Humans…  a mere blip on the world stage, a dust particle in the larger cosmos, have accomplished some major things. 

So summer,  thank you for bringing the voices, the words, and the experiences.    

Honorable mentions to remember: (one day I will write it all out!)
The words I got to listen to

  • The stories of one patriot fighting to this day for families left behind in Afghanistan and looking for help in getting cybersecurity education into the hands of children. I am humbled just to help in any way I can. 
  • The life story of a man who is now a dear friend who speaks to Zelensky weekly to help defend democracy who wants to help in the cancer field and like me is obsessed with physics! 
  • The stories over screaming kids and good food,  of my dearest girlfriend, who has been tasked with other leaders in  rethinking social orders and the subsequent economy that would need to evolve to support it. 

The words I got to read

From the teachers that sent their thoughts through the medium of print, I got to revel in your thinking. From historians  to futurists I read what the future of humankind can be. I learned from women the power of love. And from nature I looked at your cymatics imprints that show the code of love and light.

Some honorable mentions…

Women who inspire in this sometimes lottery of life and I personally know both authors and speak to the authenticity of its voice.


Future/ AI:Homo DeusThe End of the world is just the beginning

The people who showed up at sea!

To all the days at sea with friends and family who visited thank you for your presence. And for the strangers that dock  next to us for days and become our good friends, thank you.

And its not even over. Summer is only getting hotter. In fact its BURNING over here:)

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