Welcome Aliens!

I’ve been an alien enthusiast for a long time. This was an inside obsession. Only reserved for the inner circle as for some reason you are casted as insane the minute you talk about aliens.

Prior to recent events, when I would talk about the reality that we are not alone in the world, people would look at me like I was nuts. Crazy person actually and not a good look for an “educator.” So I’ve been silent. But no longer:)

The fact that I believe, scratch that KNOW, that there is more out there and accept that we have been visited by more intelligent life, does not make me crazy. It makes me well read. It took humans 1,000’s of years to accept the world was round, even with people sailing into the sunset and returning. 1,000s of years! It will take a beat for sure for humans to accept that “aliens”* exist and that they are more intelligent than us. 

*I am unclear if these visitors are aliens, which would infer they came from another planet versus dimension (more on that later), but I will use the more referable term “aliens” in this writing. 

And this fact doesn’t scare me, it delights me to my core. 

I will try and let you see my logic and the facts that inform my thinking and hopefully you too can engage in these conversations as I don’t think we should just pretend nor teach to our children that we are all that is out there.

Aliens are very real.

#1: It is mathematically impossible that we are the only life forms out there. 
While we may be the only human species (in the way we define “human”), it would be poorly informed to think we are the only species like us (intelligent). And if life is just packets of quanta energy (quantum physics) than, yes, there is life everywhere. Even on this planet there is life we can’t fathom nor can see with our eyes nor microscopes. I believe we don’t even know half of what is in front of us. When it is not visible to our eyes the only way to know it exists is to study its shadows/ affects. Like gravity,  we know it  exists only from its effect. So can aliens be walking among us? You bet. Just because you haven’t seen it does not mean it doesn’t exist. 

And much of the universe we can’t see/ fathom. There are estimated to be 100 billion to 200 billion galaxies, each with billions or even trillions of stars. Each of these stars may have planets orbiting them. With such an enormous number of stars and planets, it is statistically improbable that Earth would be the only planet with life. 

So mathematical answer: We are not alone and maybe we never have been…

#2: Earth we have been visited by life/ elements that are not of this time/ planet.We have been visited for decades and now the government is finally telling us. I don’t blame the secrecy. Us humans find information that we can’t see as circumspect and the idea that we are not on top of the food chain would cause disruption for sure. It rocks our core. It shakes the very foundation of what we know about the world. And for some reason when man feels uncomfortable, our first instinct is to find a weapon. 

We lead with fear. Something bigger makes us feel small and vulnerable…I would argue this is a good thing.This is a lesson we need. 
Resources to learn more about the UAP info the government released. More coming in the next months for sure. 

#3: These visitors are WAY more advanced 
Logic alone makes this true. The fact that they visit us not vice versa proves this point, but also because they seem to be kind or not here to cause harm. And the little we have gotten from scientists and the data that has been released we know that they have technology that we can’t fathom that allows them to travel at mach 5 and higher. Even dive underwater and fly there. 
They have not come down raining bullets, which to me proves that they are a more evolved species as in general the more a civilization progresses the more peaceful they generally are.  

But what if they are not strangers at all? An alien is coming from a “foreign” place. What if the visitors are just US from the future/ different dimension. That they are humans 4200 AD. Remember evolution does not stop. Homo Sapiens (our current classification) is just a blip on our evolution trajectory. 

 Who knows how our future ancestors have to evolve to survive in this rapidly changing climate and geopolitical landscape. 

What if instead of these visitors being from an alien planet, what if they are future humans? While it sounds crazy…its not. Quantum physics supports this possibility. The idea that the world is actually a multidimensional place (string theory) where every possibility exists at once, would support the idea that the future humans are here right now, we just can’t reach them, but maybe some timelines have advanced so that they can.

From one of the Whistle Blowers in the military, David Grusch
as somebody who has studied physics, where you know, maybe they’re [aliens] coming from a different physical dimension as described in quantum mechanics. We know there are extra dimensions due to high-energy particle collisions, etc., and there’s a theoretical framework to explain that.”

#4: This is a good thing

The whole idea of aliens and a life form more advanced than us, can sound scary. We have plenty of movies to give us narrative. We know the ending of lasers shooting down from the skies. But I would argue that we are not near the end, but near a beginning. 

What we (as in civilians) don’t know is the WHY. Why have they visited us and what do they want? Maybe the government will share that one day, but until then we can just speculate. 

I would argue that we know that they do not come to harm us (as they haven’t), but why even bother with us? We look primitive and simple to this more intelligent species. I imagine they look at us like we look at ants. And that is no dig on ants, ants are incredile! I wonder if they will share their technologies and knowledge of the world with us. Can they answer for us the questions that I study for hours to understand? If they can travel to us… they can also travel to the beginning of the world (the big bang) and answer so many questions for us that help mankind understand its role in the larger universe. 

I’m psyched. I’m down. I’m in! But again…what is in it for them?

I have a theory and this is only just a theory no facts to back up this claim. I wonder if they care because they understand that the universe is connected and if Earth implodes or goes into a climate that doesn’t support life, it will change its electromagnetic frequency that would ripple across the universe.

Our planet is part of a galactic dance with other forces (planets, etc) pulling and pushing it. We may be important to the larger ecosystem. Maybe they have interest in helping us?!

For one- I’m down. I think we could use some help down here!

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