Win Win Win…its happening

Win win win.

You’ve heard me talk of this before. 

This became a “thing” during Jacob’s surgery. I made a pact with God. I was going to make the world a better place. In return,  Jacob gets saved. And I have not forgotten for a moment. 

I decided that I would only focus my energies on projects that are “win, win win” (as I coined it in 2019). 

A win win win deal/ project has THREE winners. You, me and humanity. Whatever is accomplished helps others and moves the needle for a kinder and better world. MYX was an example of that work. 

It has been a tough road to walk as I was a bit naive walking into it. I assumed that if you only did WIN WIN WIN deals only positive things can happen. How can anyone stand in the way of a project that helps humanity? But that turns out to not be the case and it has been a heartbreaking lesson. Not everyone walks life with the same intentions including our government. I still can’t believe that =governments working against its citizens best interests, but when billions of tuition dollars are at stake….the lobbyists come out to play, HARD.

But recently it has been happening. Everywhere. WIN WIN WIN deals. I am seeing them and they need to be documented.

In one of my newest endeavors (project Emit) we are focused on understanding the electromagnetic sciences to help diagnose and treat illness (like cancer). I recently got a proposal. It is from a scientist I have gotten to know and adore in Italy. We have only met in person once and mostly communicate over email. He does not know I have a blog and would never think to look for such a thing. And what is the proposal called? 

Wellbeing Investigation Nanotechnology With Increased Naturalhealth which was shortened to the WIN WIN project.

What are the chances that this would be the name?

Coincidence? No silly, there is no such thing. 

Just meant to be. I added another WIN to this proposal. Wellbeing Investigation Nanotechnology With Increased Naturalhealth Will Innovate Nature of humanity.

The world is aligning. Good is happening. Coincidences are pointing me to help cure others and I am thankful.Thankful for this pact. 

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