The importance of music. 

I see a disturbing trend. 

The absence of music in your ears. 

Music’s quiet fade is hardly noticed by many. As we haven’t stopped listening. Our ears are very much still tuned in.  It is only that voices predominate our ears with facts, not lyrical melody. 

We are making different choices for our hearing. No change to time on task, just the medium of input. And these choices have no beats nor lyrical prose. No time for process/ reflection. 

Instead of music, the time goes to our internal monologues, audiobooks, podcasts,  debates…talk. A lot of talk. So much intake in talk and video. We are immersed in content. We have sounds swimming everywhere, but only factoids in isolation of the consumer. None of these sounds beg for reflection. They don’t even ask for just processing time. 

Music is important and I fear were forgetting how to even dance.

Now that would be a tragedy. 

It is more important than you even understand. I’ve even seen it first hand. Music communicates with the body (literally). I got to see it live in a lab in Bologna Italy.  

Music has been proven to not just allow us to process emotions and have a more balanced mental state, but can also heal the body by bringing down inflammation and facilitating cellular repair.  And it’s not crazy if you understand what sound is. Sound is just energy frequencies

Music is a bunch of frequencies forming harmony. Sound is part of our everyday life. All things emit sound (from dolphins to a tree). Sound is a frequency.  A vibration and your body absorbs it. We are not immune to frequencies. Frequencies is how our body communicates. One neuron fires to another!

Music (which includes chanting) is universal in all cultures. It is found in every religion as a source to communication with higher vibrations and heal. 

It also makes scientific sense that sound/ frequency can heal as I’m learning that every living thing emits a frequency.  It’s “speaking.” Therefore a sound (whether we can hear it or not) is emitting/communicating. Including at the quark level of your body. You are being bathed every second in frequencies from your light bulb to the hum of your air conditioning. Sound is everywhere. Much of it you can’t even hear. 

I’m hoping through the study of acutonics (my latest “minor” in my physics studies)  can help me understand the math of sound, the math of music. Latest textbook purchase:)

But in the meantime…until I figure this shit out as this book ain’t short

I’m going to turn up the tunes!

Join me!

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